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Pike Place Market

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Pike Place Market did its best to steal my attention with its pink peonies, red poppies, white lilies, chocolate linguine, fresh fish, sweet “razzberries,” whoops and shouts from vendors hawking their wares, and dusty old bookstores tucked away. However, there was nothing to hug my heart as it ached to say good-bye to my love….


Collecting Hugs

hugging quote and picture
Quite possibly the best part of my day in my classroom was when we “collected” hugs. Of course, we’d ask the other if it was okay in order to respect those who weren’t comfortable with hugs. I’d play music and say, “Go get some hugs!” And like musical chairs, when the music stopped so did we. Smiles and laughter filled the air as we scooted around the room. This experience was adapted from my participation in Life Success Seminars, Inc. under the great leadership of Mike Monahan. Sometimes, you don’t know the ripple you create in life. Mike, thanks for starting a ripple that carried on in my classroom with dozens of kids who in turn are creating their own ripples I’m sure


Children’s Healing Art Project (CHAP)

On my neighborhood walk with sidekick Hurley (the awesome dog I’m taking care of in Portland), we happened upon the Children’s Healing Art Project (CHAP). Fay, and the other lovely staff members, invited us in and shared that CHAP exists to bring the healing power of art to children and their families in crisis. The big fundraiser at the end of the year, CHAPlandia, is not your typical black-tie extravaganza, Fay explained. The paper crane table decorations are just an inkling of the colors and glitter and sequins that will adorn the event. What a heart-warming discovery today! I’m grateful for such amazing, creative outlets for kids and families and the people who staff and support such endeavors!! See More